SyncML Server
SyncML Server  [freeware]  is a free web application running on IIS for:
  • Online synchronization of your crucial mobile data, like phone contacts.
  • Keeping a web archive copy of your info items avoiding accidental data loss.
MilevisDocs  [freeware]  is a lightweight document-to-entities mapper tool for:
  • Binding named special fields (content controls) in a Microsoft Word 2007/2010 document to a selected entity data from an internal catalog.
  • Multiplying a document keeping base text but targeting various entities from an internal catalog.
MilevisNotes  [freeware]  is a practical easy-to-use tree notes desktop application for:
  • Organizing various data arrays in a convenient hierarchical tree structure.
  • Keeping storage in a portable reusable industry-standard xml format.